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15 Woodkirk Grove,

Bradford BD12 9JY






22 October 1966














Profile as at July 2016


  • Senior Database Administrator for Oracle databases
  • Project manager



Key Strengths and Experience


  • OCP Oracle database administrator
  • Build, implement and demise Oracle (10g, 11g, 12c) databases
  • Build Real Application Cluster and standalone databases
  • Build Data Guard (standby database) databases
  • Provide on-call support for 24*7 systems



Symphony Group                                                                                2016 (March)-present


  • Senior Database Administrator


1.      Support Oracle 11g on AIX

2.      Maintain Data Guard standby databases and co-ordinate switchover testing

3.      Ensure Oracle license compliance

4.      Work closely with development teams

5.      Periodically refresh development and testing databases

6.      Provide performance tuning. Put in place SQL profiles etc

7.      Provide out of hours’ support

8.      Provide support for hardware refreshes

9.      Work closely with other technical teams in providing uninterrupted performance such as storage teams

10.  Co-ordinate maintenance tasks such as onsite and offsite backups


HSBC                                                                                                 2008-2016 (March)


  • Chief Technical Analyst


    1. Implement Real Application Cluster and standalone 11g and 12c Oracle databases Worldwide
    2. Implement Data Guarded/SRDF standby databases
    3. Install Oracle databases using Automatic Storage Management and legacy file systems
    4. Provision stable environments
    5. Ensure correct processes and procedures are adhered to. Constantly review and improve upon existing processes and procedures and mitigate any risks to ongoing operations
    6. Exercise a degree of autonomy.
    7. Evaluate technical solutions to incorporate into the existing portfolio
    8. Provide technical expertise to junior and senior management
    9. Liaise with stakeholders
    10. Take a major role in project life-cycles
    11. Provide technical reports to management for business cases
    12. Provide a leading role on technical projects and to provide effective coordination of services in those projects with other teams
    13. Provide project plans and schedules highlighting risk areas
    14. Provide out of hours’ support


BRITISH TELECOM                                                                         2006-2008


  • Contractor: Oracle Database Administrator


    1. Implement Real Application Cluster. Installation of cluster software and RAC between sites in London and Glasgow
    2. Implement Automatic Storage Management. Installed on RAC and non-RAC systems
    3. Implement Enterprise Manager GRID control for RAC and Data Guard. Configuration of networks for the operation of the agents
    4. Install and maintain a standby database using Data Guard for a RAC. A single node standby was created using Data Guard technology from the RAC system.
    5. Liaise with external customers to BT. Defining project goals and deadlines.
    6. Document new installation of RAC, ASM and EM GRID installations for BT
    7. Support for existing 8i,9i and 10g databases. Performance Monitoring for 32+ databases across many separate networks which BT supports for external clients
    8. Out of hours support. Support for one week in four.



CALDERDALE MBC                                                                       2005-2006


  • Contractor: Oracle Database Administrator/ Sun UNIX administrator


    1. Write and implement Solaris 9 baseline security. Install Solaris and make the servers secure from intrusion. Provide recommendations on hardening, package installation and which services to run
    2. Install and configure Oracle 10g Release 2 on Solaris and windows servers
    3. Implement Enterprise Manager 10g grid agents on all servers
    4. Configure Enterprise Manager 10g console. Provide an enterprise wide view of Oracle databases, Application Servers and Web servers.
    5. Installation, configuration and maintenance of 10g Application Servers
    6. Implement Oracle lite on 10g Application servers
    7. Install Solaris and Oracle, from scratch to the point of handing over to users. Including mirroring of disks, configuring the environment and providing documentation.
    8. Providing solutions to Calderdale MBC on performance problems. Monitor activity and highlight problem areas
    9. Set up RAC test bed


FREEMANS                                                                                      2001-2005


  • Senior Oracle Database Administrator


    1. Improve performance of in-house SQL and PL/SQL code. Implement performance improvements in the physical database design of existing systems.
    2. Implement database performance monitoring by introducing Oracle Enterprise Manager to Freemans/Grattans for use by operations and DBAs.
    3. Patch Oracle version 7.3.4, 8.1.6, 8.1.7 and 9 release 1 and 2
    4. Implement and upgrade databases to Oracle version 9 release 1 and upgrade to release 2
    5. Design logical and implement physical databases for stock movements
    6. Provide Oracle database interfaces to B2B databases across the Internet.
    7. Implement RMAN to provide 24*7 database cover for all Oracle 8 and 9 databases
    8. Provide primary on-call support for all Oracle database.
    9. Provide primary on-call support for Oracle Financials 10.7
    10. Provide implementation plans and costings for the upgrade of Oracle Financials from 10.7 to 11. Implemented trial conversions
    11. Implemented Oracle Application 11i
    12. Wrote UNIX scripts for starting and managing Oracle products. FREEMANS often required specialized routines to provide, for example, 24*7 databases
    13. Produced documentation and procedures for operational staff. To enable operational staff to provide solutions to standard routines such as starting and stopping databases and maintenance routines. Also to provide them with routines to recover from common problems such as full disks
    14. Provide a data recovery solution for production databases by implementing Oracle’s Data Guard solution. By providing a physically identical copy of the production database a 24*7 solution is provided so as even when the database needs to be down for regular maintenance the two physical copies can be switched.
    15. I am an Oracle Certified Professional to Oracle 9
    16. Engineer and reverse engineer all different database systems into Computer Associates ModelMart


  • SQL Server Administrator


    1. Provide primary on-call support for all SQL Server databases.
    2. Implement backup and recovery procedures.
    3. Provide support for off-site users in Peterbourgh
    4. Provide support for developers during and after database design and implementation


  • DB2 Administrator


    1. Provide secondary on-call support for all DB2 databases


YORKSHIRE BUILDING SOCIETY                                              1996-2001


  • Oracle Database Administrator


1.      Provide primary on-call support for all Oracle database.

2.      Patch Oracle version 7.3.4, 8.1.6 and 8.1.7

3.      Provided Oracle Discoverer support for end-users

4.      Provided SYBASE support for project test database

5.      Reverse engineer legacy systems into Designer/2000

6.      Evaluate database monitoring products such as those produced by BMC, DBGeneral and Quest


  • Senior Analyst Programmer


1.      Wrote in-house code in Oracle forms 4.5 and Oracle Reports 2.5

2.      Converted mainframe Oracle version 6 to UNIX version 7 customer database using COBOL routines

3.      Provided maintenance support for periodical COBOL routines


NEWBOURNE COMPUTERS LTD                                                1990-1996


  • Analyst Programmer


    1. Produce customerized FLEXFIELD code for Yorkshire television’s Oracle Financials suite.
    2. Coded COBOL conversion code for Liverpool, Grimsby and Bournemouth local authority’s Community charge and housing benefits systems. Converting from BULL DPS 7 to DPS 8 and DPS 8 to DPS 7
    3. Reversed engineered TRADEX’s in-house COBOL system in FOXPRO with an Oracle 6 database on UNIX
    4. Design and Write a rostering system for prisons and the police call COPRA. This system was written in Visual Basic and enabled duty rostering officers to assign officers to duties appropriate to their skills. The system used Oracle for its database on windows 3.1. It was written, in the mid 1990’s, so as to be maintained off-site using PCANYWHERE and to provide software upgrades via telephone. I was also the project manager for COPRA
    5. Wrote COBOL routines for PLUMB CENTER




Training Courses Attended


Course Description

Date and Location

Oracle 12c: New Features

August 2014

Oracle 11g: RAC and Grid infrastructure administration acceleration release 2

September 2013

Oracle grid infrastructure 11g: Manage clusterware and ASM

May 2012

Storage Foundation 5.x for Oracle 10g RAC

March 2010

Veritas storage Foundation 5.0 MP5 for Solaris

February 2010

Oracle database 11g: New Features for Oracle 9i DBAs

September 2009

10g Performance Tuning

April 2009

Administrating a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database

September 2003

AllFusion Model Manager

July 2002, on-site, Bradford

New features for DBAs version 9

June 2001

Trained with Fujitsu Systems for converting Oracle Applications from 10.7 to 11

Mar 2001, Reading

New features for DBAs version 8

June 1999

Oracle Database Administrator & backup and recovery V7

August 1997

Oracle forms/reports

July 1996


August 1996



Career Overview

Oracle Database Administrator


I have been working with Oracle since the early 1990’s starting with version 6 going through 7, 8i, 9i and 10g now implement RAC. I have been working with Oracle Applications for the last 4 years. Starting with Oracle Financials at Yorkshire Building Society. I have also been working with Oracle’s Application Server


I have also administration skills in DB2 and SQL Server. I have been administrating FREEMANS/GRATTANS systems for 3 years.


I am also skilled in database design, application design and project management





Since the age of eighteen I have held a full, clean, driving license. During the past few years I have attended classes where I have continued to expand my knowledge and skills. The first of which was a first aid course, others include amateur radio and Royal Horticulture courses. I also have qualifications in scuba diving instructing, judo, aikido and karate


I have been a deputy chairman for the UK Oracle user group and also editor of Oracle Scene




I have practiced judo and aikido for over ten years. I have recently taken up Karate. Enjoy horse riding and marine fishkeeping




I have been a volunteer with the West Yorkshire Special Constabulary.


I have also been a First responder for the Yorkshire ambulance service where I was trained in the use of AED


I am reliable, friendly and confident outgoing person who works well in a team and on my own and will work hard to ensure a project finishes on time and is of the highest quality and standard.